Mexican cuisine

Mexican cuisine is as varied and diverse as its geographic territory. In each of the different states that form the whole of Mexico, you’ll find distinct ingredients, flavours and cooking styles. The coastal states prepare their dishes differently than the mountainous highlands regions or the desert regions. To visit each region is to cross a new gastronomic boundary that takes us to a new adventure with every bite.

Proudly, Mexican cuisine was in 2010 listed by UNESCO for its Cultural Intangible Heritage, gaining Mexico recognition for its traditional dishes that retain the names, ingredients and cooking practices dating back to the pre-hispanic era and incorporate influences and contributions from other cultures.

For that reason and many others, you can’t miss the opportunity to try the specialties of each region, from the mole poblano and chiles en nogada of Puebla to the Tikinxic (Mayan barbecue-style fish) of Cancun, the fresh fish of Veracruz and the special Damiana liquor of Los Cabos Baja California.

Dare yourself to discover the boldest flavours that Mexico has to offer!

– Chef Carlos

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